Organic Farming And Renewl Of Resources
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Organic Farming And Renewl Of Resources
Bio-gas present in the farm showcases one of the renewable energy sources available to man to reduce huge dependence on the non-renewable fossil fuel. This energy source also helps in reducing the energy bills due to the spiraling costs of the fossil fuel. The concept of bio-gas derives its idea from the process of fermenting the animal waste to produce methane gas.
In the bio-gas plant the cow-dung from the mini-dairy in the farm is used to produce methane gas. The cow-dung from the dairy is mixed with urine and water in a tank and is moved to a larger circular tank covered with hollow metal tank. The hollow metal tank helps in fermentation process and also acts as a storage for the methane gas produced due to fermentation process. The fermentation process takes one to two days and results into production of safe methane gas. This gas is also much more safer as compared to LPG as it does not result into explosion.
The methane gas produced and stored in the tank is then transported to the kitchen stove using pipeline. This gas is used along with specially designed stove to cook food for the household. This gas can also be used in place of LPG in generators to produce cheap electricity.
This concept depicts the right use of naturally available cheap resources to produce energy thus helping in development of renewable energy resources at negligible costs and reduction in level of pollution caused due to use of fossil fuel. The bye product from the fermentation process is the slurry of the cow-dung which is used to produce compost fertilizer used in organic farming.
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