Organic Farming And Renewl Of Resources
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Organic Farming And Renewl Of Resources
The slurry from the bio-gas plant is mixed with foliage from the plants and is put into specially designed pits to produce fertilizer used in organic farming. The foliage and slurry is put in form of layers into the pits and is kept in the pits for a period of 3 to 5 months for decomposition. This decomposed manure is rich in all the required nutrients and is suitable for organic farming. This fertilizer can completely replace the chemical fertilizer used to increase the yield. This manure also increases the fertility of the soil unlike chemical fertilizer which result into erosion of soil fertility.
The cashew apple produced in the farm is used to produce the world famous goan drink, Fenny. It is a very strong alcoholic drink produced only in Goa and surrounding areas. It has few special properties like it increases appetite and has no hangover effects associated with alcoholic drinks.
The cashew apples are first crushed to form a homogeneous matter and is then squeezed to extract cashew apple juice. This apple juice is then kept in tanks for a period of 3 to 4 days to complete the process of fermentation. Proper fermentation is required to produce top quality liquor.
This fermented juice is then distilled to produce first distillate called the Hurrac. This is the initial stage of producing Fenny. This distillate is less alcoholic and has strong smell. This distillate is then mixed with fermented juice in different quantities as per the requirement and is distilled again to produce the second distillate called Fenny. The amount of alcohol in the fenny depends on the mixture of the first distillate and the fermented juice.
The Fenny can also be produced using different spices or vanilla to produce the flavored fenny. This also reduces the smell.
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