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A day at the SAHAKARI SPICE FARM begins at the entrance where visitors are welcomed with traditional Aarti, Kumkum and Garlands/ flowers.
The visitors are then seated in the restaurant and a welcome drink such as Tender Coconut /Kokum/Raw Mango juice (Panneh)/leamongrass tea is given to each of them. Also a round of snacks is offered to each one which includes cheese biscuits / wafers / Cashew-nuts. The drink counter consists of Mineral water, Beer, Soft Drinks and Fresh Lime Soda. The local brew "Cashew Feni" is available free of charge.
As the visitors are busy getting themselves refreshed, one guide is appointed for each group and begins by giving them a background of their visit by describing the farm and the spices and their medicinal properties available herein.
After a refreshing drink, the guide takes his/her group round the plantation for a visit and explains each spice that they come across and tells them the importance of the spices and where they can be suitably used. The growing procedures for some of the spices are also briefly described to enlighten the visitors. The organic farm such as Gobar Gas Plant is also explained.
After this highly enlightening tour around the spice farm, the guests are treated to a cold water shower which is welcomed by the guests since it helps to keep cool during their meals.
After entering the restaurant, the guests are seated and the lunch is served in the form of a buffet, with a large variety of delicious Goan dishes comprising of Fish, Chicken and Vegetables, all cooked in typical village style. After food, a large variety of fresh seasonal fruits are served.
After a filling lunch, the guests are allowed to get on to a shopping spree. The sales counter consists of extremely useful items such as different Spices, Medicinal ointments and oils, typical Goan Handicrafts, Goa Maps and guides and lots more. At the end of an educational, yet relaxing day at the farm, a memento is presented to each and every guest at the farm.
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